Total whiteout but good progress and the wind has turned

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It is day 3, Saturday 15th of April. We have just eaten nice meal of hot food and now we relax in the tent. In the evening we are busy melting snow to make water, read, listen to music and prepare for tomorrow. Distance today was 12,7 kilometre in total whiteout, which is good progress in these conditions. It has been a challenge finding the route in the whiteout, and most of the day we had to use our GPS (satellite navigator) to keep the right course north. The terrain has been exiting with lots of small leads and pressure ridges which we have negotiated with success. Thomas (Ulrich) tried his skisail, but the wind was too weak. We also had some fun telemark-skiing down the snow-covered face of a large pressure ridge.

All participants are a bit tired this evening after walking more or less blindfolded, but spirits are high and everyone are fine and we work very well together. The wind have decreased and turned south and the southerly icedrift we have fought against the last couple of days have luckily stopped. John Bourke sends his regards to John and Betlem and their family in Tokyo. Temperature has dropped to minus 15C, still well within our comfort zone We will call in again tomorrow with more news.
Regards from Svante

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    John Bourke  /  April 16, 2006

    Glad to hear that progress is good despite the conditions. Charlotte would like to tell her grandfather John that she wishes she was with him as she “likes snow”. Lucky for him she didn’t stowaway in his gear. Enjoy the trek.

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    Rachel  /  April 16, 2006

    Rachel would like to wish Mick, John and all the group a very happy Easter!!! Great to follow your comments, it sounds so exciting and glad everyone is well! Mick your Easter Egg was mega – went down well with Baileys!! Take care of yourself, loads of love, Rach xxxx

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    libby  /  April 17, 2006

    fiona,crazy mad wonderful woman go go go bring me a snowman!

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    Shaen  /  April 17, 2006

    Fiona, you were born with a smile on your face keep it up, when cold think of MDS

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