Already on top of the ice

Published 24.08 in category Greenland Fall 2014


It is something special with the first meters. You feel the actual weight of the pulka in your harness, a long preparation period is over and you are finally on your way to the goal that is in front of you.

We started the day at 08:00 down by the sea. It took us 3 rounds to get all the gear on the ice. The place has changed some since last year, but we could still use the same route. The terrain on the ice has been bumpy with melting rivers now and then. None of them major. Weather has been super, but tonight we have quite a lot of wind.

Our position tonight:

Lat65deg46’32” Lon-38deg55’6″ Alt +899 m

Position 24night

Position on 24th August at 21:16. Ready for the night

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