Antarctic peninsula, final report !

Published 13.02 in category Antarctic peninsula trip 2019

The smells of the Earth.

For nearly a week, we are being towed through the Drake passage. To remind you, the Icebird’s gearbox broke while we were skiing.

The Drake is calm, very calm. French yacht « Podorange » is first towing us away from the majestic shores of Paradise Harbor. Slowly, the Antarctic peninsula disappears leaving a spot to the big blue. We start the watches. 3 hours on duty for 6 hours of rest. The Drake is still calm, still very calm. Did I just hear someone say «the Drake Lake »? OMG. 

We are on a convergence route with Russian yacht “Russarc Aurora” which will take over and continue towing us. Few times, we manage to sail on our own. However, the gods of the Drake passage are still very quiet. « Podorange » let go the rope and sail ahead of us as captain Brice and his team are on a schedule to be back on time in Ushuaia. Thank you guys!! “Russarc Aurora” is here. The towing session continues… Icebird becomes progressively a floating office. We take advantage of the calm conditions to sort our photos. I wish the Drake could wake up… Half a day before the Cap Horn, the wind rises and the swell grows. We let go the rope. I enjoy steering and feeling the boat being moved by the waves. This precious time won’t last long and passed Cap Horn, we are being towed, again.  The morning light breaks through the darkness. We are in the Beagle Chanel. In front of us, Ushuaia. Ushuaia!! 

Chapter 3 of our journey now comes to an end and closes the doors of a dream which came true. Thanks to everyone in the team! Believing is key to success…

Hey Luc and Bronwyn!! Will the book be called « Walking on the footsteps of Wally Herbert »? 😜

To all of you who has been following our journey, thank you. And even though social media partly sucks and make us spend a lot of time in front of a screen, I was so happy to share all this content with you and to see your comments. I will take the time to answer personally to each of you as soon as my mind comes back to civilization. Yeeewwww!! 



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