At the Pole!

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Victory at last! We reached our hard earned goal 1630, and were able to plant the flags from our 5 nations on the geographical North Pole.

It has not been an easy task, and today has been the coldest day on the whole trip, minus 22 and with a chilling wind straight in the face. We have all been well covered up with face masks and goggles but frostbitten chins are hard to avoid in conditions like this. The Polar Ocean has again showed its scary but also beautiful side. Never boring and the nature up here are just breathtaking. Even on days like this, we have to lift our head from time to take and take in this fascinating and ever changing landscape.

We have skied through exiting areas today, from massive packice, open water and newly frozen leads. The ice on the large leads was quite fresh and if we had been here just a few days ago, this would have been open and a challenge to get across. The largest lead looked more like a frozen lake; we think it must have been about one kilometre wide. For one hour we also had to follow an open lead to the west before we managed to find a crossing point. But now we are at the Pole. John wanted to continue to Canada, but that will have to wait. Now we will move across to the other tents to celebrate, with a slice of home made cakes and maybe a bit of vodka, to conclude our victory in Russian style.

We have taken about 1000 photos, and there will for sure be a selection on the site as soon as we get home. Thomas and would like to use this opportunity to say thanks to our team mates. It has been great to share this experience with such a motivated bunch, everyone have given their best and has been teamwork all the way. Thanks also to everyone who have followed our progress and have sent warm thought and greetings. John says hello to Natasha and Jessica, and Guy to Katie. After a night here at the pole, the helicopter is scheduled to pick us up tomorrow morning and fly us back to the Barneo base. That’s all for today.

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    Lisa and Joseph  /  April 20, 2006

    well done jordan well done everyone we are so proud of you son , you left a boy and now you will come home a man cannot wait till monday till we see you and in the words of queen you were ( made in heaven ) your trip was (in the lap of the gods ) but now you ( are the champions )and i bet it feels like ( a kind of magic ) take care ,safe trip home and once again well done everyone. ps not to much vodka jordan your only 15. ha ha . dad

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    Baby Moya, Moya, Catherine, Sandrine and Declan  /  April 21, 2006

    A hearty congratulations to all!

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    Charlotte Bourke  /  April 21, 2006

    Congratulations all. After this day, I want to follow in your footsteps. Polar Bear Hugs from Charlotte in Tokyo.

    PS Jordan, my Granddad doesn’t drink so you can have his share of the vodka.

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    Stan Bernard  /  April 21, 2006

    Stan & Deirdre

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    Shaen  /  April 21, 2006

    Fiona Fantastic, well done, Kaapse Vonkel 1999 on ice.

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    Shaen  /  April 21, 2006

    Fiona. Fantastic, well done, Kaapse Vonkel99 on ice.

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    Fergus  /  April 21, 2006

    Super Stuff Mick, what an achievement. I cant wait to see the pics and hear the stories. Safe home to you and the crew. All the best

    Debbie & Fergus

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    Karl  /  April 21, 2006

    Congrats Mick, take it easy on the vodka !!

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    Paddy O'Rourke  /  April 21, 2006

    Mick, John and team
    well done. I think Avoriaz is more our cup of tea.
    Paddy, Patrice and Andy

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    Dan & the Out There Team  /  April 21, 2006

    Fiona: Absolutely fantastic, we’re all proud of you.

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    Mum,Benni & Stephanie  /  April 21, 2006

    A brilliant result stop.Congratulations to the team on a superb effort stop.Thank you for 14 very exiting days as we, and many others,followed you progress stop.The world must appear quite small from your perspective up there stop. Presumably you can see the curvature clearly stop. and the silience must be awesome stop. Altogether a wonderfull experience so enjoy and savour the moment stop.I feel very envious stop.Thinking of you and looking forward to having you home. All our love,

    Mum, Benni and Stephanie.

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    Lenny, Debby, Hiyton & Leanne  /  April 21, 2006

    We are all very proud of you and your great achievement, best wishes also to all the mebers of the Team. We are looking forward to your safe return and you can tell us all about your adventure.

    Lenny, Debby, Hylton, & Laanne

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    Nicola, Darren, Daniel & Matthew  /  April 21, 2006

    Congratulations Jordan and all the team, not too much ice in the vodka. See you when you get home and looking forward to hearing all about it.

    Nicola, Darren, Dan & Matt

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    Shaen  /  April 22, 2006

    Fiona: You walk your talk, “if you are not living on the edge you are taking up space” wonder where youare now..

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    paula and alecburnside - belgium  /  April 22, 2006

    WELL DONE Jordan! You are a real inspiration to Zach, Jordan and Ella and we are very proud of you. Looking forward to hearing about your adventure first hand! Paula and Alec Burnside, Belgium.

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    jordan  /  April 22, 2006

    well done jordan what an achievment we are very proud of you
    frances maggie chris and the boys

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    Ciara  /  April 22, 2006

    Fair play to yis… what an achievement!! Can’t wait to see the photos. Safe home. PS did you get my letter to Santa?

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    Peter Dykes  /  April 26, 2006

    Well done Jordan
    What an incredible achievment,
    Peter Janet Michael and Tania

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