Back in the sailboat!

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We are in the sailboat! Today was another amazing day on ice. We started 8 o´clock in total whiteout and followed last years waypoints all the way down.
We crossed some minor crevasses on our way. When we almost was down from the ice the fog went away. That gave us a stunning view and a beautiful weather. We really enjoyed the last kilometers down the glacier. Down at the beach we climbed  a small mountain, “Forkjustoppen”.
From there we got to see the whole strait in between Nordaustlandet and Spitsbergen. We also could se the boat that sailed in to the beach to pick us up. We followed a snow drain almost to the beach where the Captain welcomed us onboard.
Now we are on the boat with a great view to beautiful surroundings. We can se clearly over Hinlopenstretet to Spitsbergen and beautiful glaciers that comes into the sea. The sun is shining and there is mountains everywhere.


We have seen footprints of a polar bear on the glacier and of two here on the beach. When we came down to the beach a curious reindeer buck came over to se what happened.
The crossing has been a great experience and everybody is happy and exited about the whole trip. We will soon be ready to sail back to Longyearbyen.
Polar greetings!
Børge and the Team


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