Beautiful weather and good progress

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Christoffer, one of our team-members, was on the phone this morning to report on progress and conditions. He said they had a good day yesterday, skiing for about 8 hours, doing 5-6 km and climbed around 180 metres of altitude. Not a lot it seems, but they have actually skied twice as far. In between ice ridges and humps they needed to zigzag to find the best possible route through the icefall.

Weather has been great, with sunshine and a couple of sunburned nose tips as result. They celebrated saturday night with a dash of cognac in the coffee, and stated that they are having the time of their life.

Christoffer sends his regards to  his nephew, Jesper.

The start is usually always tricky, since they have to go through the transition zone from land to ice and through the most disturbed part of the glacier. But May is a good time of the year to do this trip. Melt-season has not really started yet, and temperatures on the icecap will be reasonable as sun climbs higher towards the summer. So all is well, conditions are good and they are all in great shape.


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    Karianne Dewson  /  May 14, 2013

    Wishing Christoffer and all the others a good trip!! take care 🙂

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