Bursdag på isen/Birthday on the Ice

Published 27.04 in category Greenland Spring 2014 with Inge Meloy

N67.08.650 W049.49.822

7.2 km på 5.5 timer.
Fortsatt blåis og stegjern.
Nydelig vær.
Sol vindstille og 15 minus.
Bursdagsfest for eirik 43 aar! med kaker og dram…

Today’s distance  is 7.2 km in 5.5 hours.

We are still on  blue ice and using crampons.

Weather is beautiful, sunny, some wind and minus 15 degrees.

It was Eirik’s birthday today, so we celebrated and even had cakes and rum!

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    GOMES-LEAL Patrick  /  April 27, 2014

    Hi, is it possible to write an english version of the comments ?

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      alf  /  April 27, 2014

      Hi Patrick,
      It is done!
      Regards, Alf.

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