Challenging the North Atlantic – Day 11

Published 13.10 in category Northern Passage - 2010

Position update 15.38 CEST: 61.16961 N, 2.02726 E – Midway between the Shetland Islands and Norway.

Position update 23.09 CEST: 60.94371 N, 3.49417 E

Update, 15.12: Passed the Statfjord Oil Field half an hour ago…

Gullfaks ASigns of civilization, if we may call it that – Gullfaks A, one of the major platforms in the Norwegian sector of the North Sea.

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    Viktor Russia  /  October 13, 2010

    I congratulate with crossing of a zero meridian. Good luck to you.

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    Kjell-Arild Brækkan  /  October 13, 2010

    Hei. Vi på NOR VTS(Vardø Trafikksentral),der dere var på besøk før dere dro til Kirkenes,har fulgt med dere hele veien rundt Nordpolen. Vi er stolte og imponerte. Har dere hatt AIS A så kunne vi fulgt dere hele veien via satelitt men det krever vel littt strøm det å det er det vell ikke akkurat nåkk av ombord(å ikke er det pålagt heller).Sitter og overvåker Nordsjøen og ser dere har gode seil forhold på siste deln av hjemmoverturen.Lykke til med siste innspurt og kos dere godt og vell når dere er hjemme.

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    Kjell-Arild Brækkan  /  October 13, 2010

    Har dere forresten inne på AIS Bèn nå. God fin fart:-)

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    Nick Rouse  /  October 13, 2010

    Olav, I think you meant midway between the Shetland Islands and Norway.

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    Greg  /  October 13, 2010

    That new (23.09 CEST) position update is only 60k from the coast! In my opinion, the second they pass over the path they took up the coast three months ago, they’ll have completed the circumnavigation. A truly spectacular and historic feat for a 30′ fiberglass sailboat.

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    Jan-inge Edvardsen  /  October 14, 2010

    Var på ombord i MV Viking Energy, da dere passerte Gullfaksfeltet.
    Vi snakket med dere på VHF.
    Lurte en stund på hvem dere var, men fant da ut ganske raskt.
    Håper dere har hatt en flott tur rundt polen.

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    Oliver J  /  October 14, 2010

    [b]The vikings are coming home![/b] 😉

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    Pati  /  October 14, 2010

    What exciting times we live in. Thank you Thorleif, Borg and team for making this effort. You’re an inspiration.

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    Artful Dodger  /  October 14, 2010

    By my watch, our Heroes should be crossing the Norway Coast right about now… Congratulations on being the first Modern Humans to circumnavigate the Arctic in a single Season. You bring great credit to yourselves, your Country, and all those who share your love and concern for this planet. Well done, lads!

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    Tom K  /  October 14, 2010

    By now they have probably crossed their own wake and the circumnavigation is complete – congratulations!

    …. got inspired by this – maybe a trip from Oslo to Lofoten in my own tri next year?

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    Gustave  /  October 14, 2010

    Got the sms, you are back!

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    FredT34  /  October 14, 2010

    HURRAH !

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    Lea  /  October 14, 2010

    Congratulations and Welcome back home!!!
    I’m looking forward to see you…
    When and where are you arriving in Bergen?
    Vincent, if you can, please call me, I can’t join you!!!

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    Espen  /  October 14, 2010

    What a moment, you did something that is great but somehow sad. But you continued the saga of the vikings curiosity, and the ongoing traditions of Norwegians explorers. Congratulation guys!!! Welcome back!!!

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    Carl Stormer  /  October 14, 2010

    Fantastic! A truly Hero´s Journey! I am so happy for you, proud of knowing you and impressed beyond words. Can´t wait to get the details over wine soon!


    Ane and Carl

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    Rodney Stropko  /  September 19, 2011

    My partner and i bookmarked this weblog a while ago as a result of the useful content material.

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