day 20

Published 12.09 in category Greenland Fall 2014

This is day 20 on ice. We took some extra time on Dye and started walking at 12 o’clock. This morning was great, first of all we got a long sleep, secondly we had a lot of time drinking coffee. A lazy morning in other words.

We did 6 hours of walking on this journey. Weather was windy and mostly with whiteout. We had a glimpse of the sun at one point and a beautiful halo around it as well. Temp was around minus 15. Google and facemasks has been used the whole day. In total we did 19km, Tomorrow we plan the normal 9 hours.
Bengt and the team.

Lat66deg36’30” Lon-46deg37’17” Alt +2005

Halo again

Halo again

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