Day 27th, the grand finale !

Published 29.05 in category Greenland Spring 2019 with Sebastian Gjolstad

We’ve had a wonderful few weeks on the ice together, but the day of the great decent from the magical land of whiteness and vast skies, and back to society has finally come.

After a big day yesterday, going to bed around 11 pm we found ourselves already up by 1 am to have the regular morning cereal, boil water, tape blisters and be ready on skies at 3 am. We left camp while the sun arouse, the mountains kept rising in front of us, and the icebergs and the ocean kept coming closer below us.

Used different techniques for coming down, the most fun one being “pulka sledding”, sitting on top of the pulka and gliding downward… At lunchtime around 9 am Peter commented that he could smell the ocean, but Olivier meant he probably mistook it for the dry fish we’ve saved for the end. Sure enough, soon we got overtaken by a thick porridge like ocean mist, just like Weather-Lars had predicted. Sebastian and all front were in a haze for the person in the back, so we soon roped up in these thick porridge-like conditions with very limited visibility. We all forgot our tiredness being in an area with crevasses, no visibility and with a polar bear track reminding us of the extra danger we might run into…Kristin with her vivid imagination was in the back and could feel the bear breathing down her neck the whole time…

We made our way the last bit through the crevasses fairly swiftly despite these conditions. We found ourselves quite efficient at the roping, and made it surprisingly faster than expected. 

Touching land again was quite a moving moment, and the spirits were high as we had a coffee brake and prepared for the last stroll to the pick up. Little did we know that the work out of the day had barely begun. The way down to the sea ice with our seven pulkas turned out to be a lot harder than crossing the moraine with a good few more kilos than four weeks ago. Tired from all the Km and lack of sleep the last few days we mustered up good team work and a cheerful mood and worked with the pulkas in stunning surroundings, and finally made our way out to the awaiting boat two hours later than estimated.

We had a wonderful boatride to the little Inuit community of Isortoq where a warm house awaited us !

Spent the evening sorting gear, and getting ready for a further move “back to the world” tomorrow, that is if the helicopter arrives.

The rumour of the street is that there wont be one before Thursday, so we’ll see what tomorrow and the next days will bring.

We hope you have had a good time following our journey! We now look forward to meeting our loved ones back home again, and seeing spring from the green side!   
Peace out from Greenland and Isortoq!

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