Day 3, complete whiteout.

Published 09.05 in category Svartisen glacier 2016

We woke up at 6:00 to a complete whiteout! Called in to get a weather report and were told that it was supposed to clear up at any moment, so we packed up and left at 9:00.

We continued on our planned route, down towards Terskaldvatnet.

The weather cleared up as we were told, and we made good progress skiing downhill, until we reached some cliffs where we had to lower the sleds down in ropes and rappelled down one by one.

After a short break on the lake we started climbing our way up on the west ice. Beautiful weather with a good view!

Once we were up on the west Ice we had an 1 hour lunch break and crossed the rest of the it.

We made it according to our plan and were down in time, 20:00.

Amazing trip with a great group J






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