From hard work to Paradise

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Day 13-14, Saturday: What a difference a day makes! Friday was still very windy, but they wee dammed they should move and out they went. They started to dig up the tents, but the storm had covered the tents plastered the ground so hard and it took them more than 6 hours to get them out. After that they managed to ski, but the day was all in all lost, and with perfect weather being promised for Saturday they wanted to start afresh and not be warned out. So distance was down but spirit very much up!
And as hoped. Saturday dawned with no winds and no clouds! It was Patagonia at it’s absolutely best. The view was great. The sky was high. The mountains stunning. – And the sunburn shocking…
They climbed to nearly 1900 metres before starting to descend. It was very hard work going up and a lot of laughs, thrills and spills going down. But they were really focused on getting over the highest point so that they could see the mountains and the beginning of the icefall on the other side. While the whole day the Cerro San Valentine towered over them.
The next 4 days looks very good too, so after the sluggish start they are in great shape and very excited to do a very long ad hard day to be back on track. They did a double day-stint compared to last year and are really gunning for getting over in time.

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    fam.Harestad  /  November 11, 2012

    Fam.Harestad hilser til Elin . Ser du fikk bruk for yrkeserfaringen på denne turen også!

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