German visit

Published 29.05 in category Greenland Spring 2013

Another good day with 26 k done, and the start of a notably downhill slope towards the east coast.

Yesterday started with a bit rough conditions, sastrugi and headwind, but snow surface evened out later in the day and progress increased. Such is the conditions on Greenland, never the same, and always a surprise everyday.

Yesterday they met the German team, who perhaps will join us down the icefall. They have the same flight out, and Bengt estimate 6 days more, 4 days through the icefall and two days more out.

From here they will have a drop in altitude of 250 metres a day, which will help as well. You never know, but things look good so far and as before Bengt says they are having the time of their life.




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    Milla  /  May 30, 2013

    Fantastiske dage som venter ned brefallet! Vi hadde gode skiforhold å sol 🙂 Stå på Bengt å teamet!

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