“Litt småtrått, men vi fikser dette!”

Published 31.05 in category Greenland Spring 2018


“Litt småtrått, men vi fikser dette!”

That was Erlings first comment when he did his leg up front this afternoon… “A bit heavy, but we’ll manage!”

Bright sunshine and blue sky most of the day, but deeper snow that slowed us down a bit. But we still got over 27 km progress.

Team member of the day is Mirek Czésnik! Grandfather of the team, and on a meditation trip to Greenland. Formerly a manager in an international company; presently-when not crossing Greenland- studying philosophy at Warsaw University. In free time during the expedition (storms, hurricanes, etc.), writing an article on Wittgensteins logical space.

Cheers from HurriKaren and the Stormriders


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