On the snow and climbing

Published 27.10 in category Patagonia Northern Icecap Crossing 2013

Yesterday we had another day of hard work. taking equipment up in the snow, from 300 meters up to 1000 meters high. Hard on the feet !

Not completely on the glacier yet, but almost there. The weather is still good, Peter even had a bath on the river, it was so warm.

We do have some clouds now, quite some wind with gusts up to around 25 m/s and with some snow in the air.

Still it is all gorgeous and we are pushing hard without a worry.

Finally conexion was good and here are some more photos from the lake crossing, horse ride, the valley and all of us working our way up. Of course one of the great campfires we are having every night !

2013pata01team          2013pata02horse_team

2013pata04gro_campfire          2013pata03valley



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    My  /  October 27, 2013

    Typiskt Petter att bada alltså :). Kos er videre!

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