Riding rough seas

Published 28.09 in category Northern Passage - 2010

Position update 11.42 CEST: 66.50252 N, 60.6752 W Past the eastern tip of Baffin Island.

Position update 14.26 CEST: 66.23422 N, 60.60416 W

Position update 17.28 CEST: 65.99248 N, 60.26447 W Well into the Davis Strait.

Position update 23.02 CEST: 65.44682 N, 59.64877 W Leaving Baffin Island behind our wake.

Note, 11.50: The “Northern Passage” is now south of the Arctic Circle! (which this year is at 66.5622°N)

Note: This excellent map by Rikki shows the positions of both the “Northern Passage” and “Peter 1st”. Around 23.00 they were just 7 nautical miles apart (!), with the former slightly farther south, and the latter slightly farther east.

Expedition Report, 18.44 CEST:
“This is the third day with gale winds and heavy seas, but at least we are sailing more or less in the right direction, and south. It’s three degrees Celsius in the water. It has rained the last two days and everything is wet. We feel quite fragile in our little boat in these conditions, sailing between large icebergs very far away from everything – but on the other hand, it’s a good feeling to manage to achieve progress and experience this strong and harsh nature so close.

Today’s video is from our exposed front deck, where we frequently have to crawl out to reef sails etc.

There are three to four metre high waves coming at us from all directions,
which makes it very difficult to sleep.”

Best regards from
the “Northern Passage”


The crew of the “Northern Passage” is challenged by icebergs and gale winds
on Baffin Bay and in the Davis Strait. Nevertheless, there is a task that can only
be done from the exposed front deck…

Eric Brossier writes: “I’m now back from a quite incredible trip on board the little
trimaran from Cambridge Bay to Pond Inlet. I’ve put some more news and pictures
http://vagabond.fr/news/20100926-1018 and http://vagabond.fr/album/NordOuest2010
(The latter link points to a very extensive photo collection.)

Today’s weather forecast:
Weather: Overcast with moderate to heavy rain, no significant change.
Wind: 110–130° at 23–28 knots, after 12.00 UTC becoming 090–110° at 20-25 knots.
Again after 18.00 UTC becoming 060–080° at 18-23 knots, and after 24.00 UTC
changing to 020–040° at 20–25 knots.
(For a more comprehensive forecast, with explanations, please see Weather4Expeditions.com.)

10 comments to Riding rough seas10

  • Reply

    Viktor Russia  /  September 28, 2010

    I congratulate with crossing of Northern Polar Circle!

  • Reply

    Tom K  /  September 28, 2010

    Both expeditions are in the same area – seems like they have a strong following winds right now – so at least they are moving south. If they want they may get shelter from the coast – but tomorrow the winds will drop and weather will improve.

  • Reply

    lordsoth  /  September 28, 2010

    I never thought about it, but yes the arctic circle does move, sometimes up to 3 meters a day or 100 meters a year.

    Here is the link:


  • Reply

    marc de keyser  /  September 28, 2010

    Latest forecast for the Northern Passage + excellent satellite shot of the entire North West passage + the frontal depression our guys have to deal with right now! http://is.gd/fxSnd

  • Reply

    Rikki  /  September 28, 2010

    At the last position report the boats are 7nm apart. You have to zoom in on the map to differentiate them.
    As allway, just click on my name.

  • Reply

    Tom K  /  September 28, 2010

    Yes look like you wont fell at sleep at the helm there – fresh conditions – but their in good spirit – and will have an easier day tomorrow.

  • Reply

    renie  /  September 28, 2010

    Lettsprengt torsk og familie kveld foran PCen for å følge dere !! Seil fort, ikke gi dere..Vi sitter godt temperert (som en god/faktisk med rødvin) og heier. Det er nå det gjelder!!!! Husk fri vind pappa og ikke se bakover! Slå på vindskift, og kom hjem! Stor hilsen fra “restene” av familien Thorleifsson i Oscars gate. Full pupp fremover

  • Reply

    Jes  /  September 29, 2010

    Brilliant! Keep up the good spirit. Your feat is truly amazing and important. Navigare necesse est…
    PS: The moskus ox burger at Katuaq in Nuuk is worth a try 😉
    Jes, DK

  • Reply

    Harry  /  September 29, 2010

    Keep up the spirit! The night is always darkest right before sunrise!

  • Reply

    tilla  /  September 29, 2010

    Sitter nå på lesesalen og har sett filmen dere har lagt ut, ser helt fantastisk gøy ut! Heia Heia

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