Rough start, but new record with 18,4 km

Published 16.04 in category Last Degree Expedition 2006

Today started with lots of challenges. It is day 4 on the ice, Sunday 16th of April. After two hours of pack ice and leads of open water, we had only managed to do 2,4 kilometres, about half of normal. After this ice got better and we gained more speed. We have had a long day with 9 hours and in the end our daily distance was 18,4 kilometres, very good considered the rough start we had. Weather got better towards the end and sun broke through for the first time on this trip. Temperature has been stable, around minus 15-16 C the last couple of days, but it looks like it has started to drop now.

Yesterday we overtook another last degree group led by a Russian team, they had problems with the conditions and considered giving up. We however are in excellent shape, and have become a closely knit team that work well together. Equipment works well too and there has not been any accident so far. It takes a couple of days to move with skies through the pack ice, but now ski technique is defiantly improving. Conditions got very good at the end of the day with large flat pans, and where there is no fresh pack ice, there is enough snow in between pressure ridges to ski across them, this saves us a lot of time.

Mick sends his regards to Rachel and friends. Fiona sends her regards to all friends and says she miss you “wish you where here”, and Mattew says hello to his parents. Will be back tomorrow with more updates. Svante

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    Stan & Deirdre  /  April 17, 2006

    Hi Jordan
    Great to read the expedition going well.
    Take care & enjoy
    All the best
    Stan & Deirdre

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    Ed  /  April 17, 2006

    Hey Svante! So glad for your updates just to know what’s going on out there. Can I ask which Russian team it was that you’d almost overtaken? Have a friend out there with Boyarsky’s group and wondering how everyone is doing.

    Go,Jordan, go! Read abt you on BBC. Great job!

    Keep Warm,

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    Lisa and Joseph  /  April 17, 2006

    Hey Jordan

    Glad to hear your doing well, keep up the good work son, we’re all thinking about you! Liam and Aidan want there big brother back safe and well for a play fight!! Your Dad and I just want you back full stop!! Your Mum has been on the phone, worried as we all are, your Mum, Benny and Stephanie are looking forward to your safe return also.

    Keep up the good work son, we Love you and miss you lots.

    Let us all know your safe if you get the chance.

    Take care

    Dad, Lisa, Liam, Aidan, Mum, Benny and Stephanie

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