Southernmost Norway

Published 16.10 in category Northern Passage - 2010

Position update 08.36 CEST: 58.01056 N, 7.6605 E

Position update 21.06 CEST: 58.62057 N, 9.42035 E

Expedition Report, 18.12:
Last night we sailed past the southernmost tip of Norway, Lindesnes. We’re heading towards Oslo at a good speed and can obviously arrive earlier than planned, should we want to. However, there are a lot of people that have set aside time on the 23rd to meet us, so we will keep to our original schedule, park the boat not to far away, and time our arrival in Oslo so that everything is according to plan.

We will arrive at the Fram Museum on Bygdøy at 14.00 on Saturday 23 October – the exact same place we left from on Midsummer’s Eve. There, everyone who wants to will be able to see the boat and meet the crew. We hope as many as possible will come to meet us.

Today we have enjoyed a beautiful day with calm sunny weather, sailing mostly close to land. There is so much to see! Trees, for instance. It may sound strange, but that is just one of the things we haven’t seen in months!

I’ve gone through our photo collection from the expedition, and enclose a few here.

One is from our small “communications department” on board, on the chart table, handmade by Erik and Kaare from Vindfangerbukta Baatforening. I also enclose a photo of our small stove with kettle, our only means of boiling water. We always fill the stove outside, using the same fuel as for the outboard motor, so we don’t have to bring two kinds of fuel.

Another photo of a bag tied to the mast is actually our storm jib. Plenty of bad weather taught us to always have it ready on deck.

The rest of the photos are from sailing into Bergen, and a couple ones from today, and from a picturesque place called Ny Hellesund.

Best regards from
The “Northern Passage”

Communications departmentThe “Communications Department” on board the “Northern Passage” may appear compact and humble, but it was highly efficient – and vital.

KettleOur trusty kettle has provided a steady supply of boiling water.

Filling the stove with gasolineFilling the stove with a new supply of gasoline. Fortunately our stove is not choose when it comes to fuel type.

Stormsail at the readyOur stormsail is always kept ready on deck.

Sailing into BergenSailing into Bergen.

Vince and ThorleifVince and Thorleif are overjoyed to be back in the “City of Seven Mountains” – or at least sailing past.

Finished in the bathroomComing out of the bathroom on the “Northern Passage”. You have no idea how much we’re looking forward to spacious bathrooms again!

Vince just waking up – or at least trying to wake up!Vince just waking up – or at least trying to wake up!

Arriving in Ny HellesundArriving in Ny Hellesund.

At Ny HellesundAt Ny Hellesund.

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    marc de Keyser  /  October 16, 2010

    Every yachtsman knows that this last leg towards Oslo can still be very treacherous So keep an eye on the forecast:

  • Reply

    Turi Widerøe  /  October 16, 2010

    They have really sailed very fast from Bergen. The wind must still be favourable. But why do we get so little information? Is this last leg just a matter of transport?

  • Reply

    Oliver J  /  October 16, 2010

    Maybe their camera is broken 😉

    Anyway, winds will turn to SW soon and will strengthen to gale force Sunday evening. I think they will be in Oslo at that time …

  • Reply

    Oslo sailor  /  October 16, 2010

    Great sailing and very entertaining!

    Your boat should be on permanent display at Bygdøy as the first boat doing this achievement in a single season!

    Looking forward to presentations of your trip – any thoughts on this?

  • Reply

    Oliver J  /  October 16, 2010

    Now, if the originally scheduled day 23. October for the big presentation holds the Peter I people might be in the audience (haha – not joking though)

    Peter I is right now in Tórshavn, Färöer, seeking shelter due to strong winds from a deepening North Atlantic depression. They made the journey from Reykjavik to Tórshavn in exactly three days (!) – they could be in Oslo on Thursday …

  • Reply

    Martin V  /  October 16, 2010

    Oliver, they plan to be in Oslo 22th October to meet a new crew member Sergei Zabolotskii. See Novosti yachty 16-10.

  • Reply

    Olav Grinde  /  October 16, 2010

    Hi Turi, I suspect that welcomed the opportunity to get some rest and catch up on sleep after the rather demanding crossing of the North Atlantic. This evening, however, Børge has shared some thoughts and a nice photo collection.

  • Reply

    Turi Widerøe  /  October 17, 2010

    Thanks a lot to you all for very good information. It’s been so exciting to follow the event in real time. It is a great achievment! Congratulations and welcome home. Suppose that will be today?

  • Reply

    Hans Petter  /  October 17, 2010

    I was a fine view to see you sailing in the Oslo fjord this gray October morning. Northern Passage sailed fine in the light breeze. I followed you with my binolulars till you disappeared behind the Bastøy island.

  • Reply

    Jörn Köpcke  /  October 17, 2010

    Hey, many thanks for the pics, I’ll downsize it for our corsair 28 … have some safe last miles.

  • Reply

    Rikki  /  October 17, 2010

    A cruisers pardise. Northern passage is experiencing favourable winds and lovely weather. Life is good, they deserve it.

    A few pictures of the area they are entering.

    (Clicking my name will bring up progress map)

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