The adventure is about to start

Published 15.08 in category Greenland Fall 2014





So by now all preparations are finished and there are just some last minute details to complete while already in Greenland.

Bengt Rotmo, Norwegian, guide of the expedition, will arrive in Tasiilaq soon, and the rest of the team, Karin  from Denmark, Fredrik  and Frode  from Norway, and the twin brothers from New Zealand, Josh and Zac will be there shortly afterwards.

We wish them from here a very good crossing and an unforgettable experience!

We will have daily reports (as much as weather and conditions allow it) which we will post on this blog so everybody can follow their adventure.

All the best to them!




0024607-D200 (Børge Ousland's conflicted copy 2013-06-21)

ELV (Børge Ousland's conflicted copy 2013-06-21)


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