The team ‘Ice camp Avengers’

Published 07.09 in category Greenland Fall 2018

Today we woke up to high wind and whiteout. We battled trough the day like Champions, and setting a new record of 24,5km. Not much to be seen or said during a day like this… But we had a nice lunch break putting up a tent, and we all crawled in to get some heat 😂

The team spirit is strong, and tomorrow we will reach the summit!

We are proud to announce the name of this expedition: The team ‘Ice Camp Avengers’!

Rune = Thoridium (Iridium = satellite communication). Fitting as he is Norwegian.

Oliver = Silver skier (silver surfer)

Colin = ‘Icecap’tain America

Anya = Snow witch

Rob = The Incredible Pulk

Gabo = The Greenlandern (The Green Lantern).

Sarah = The Frozen Wasp

Other than that we are all good😂

Ps.  The incredible pulk wishes all the cats and dogs and small critters in the Ivanhoe East area of Melbourne Australia (and everywhere) are happy and healthy!

All good in Greenland!

Thoridium & the ice camp Avengers! 😊


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