Training course at Finse/Hardangervidda

  • We at Ousland Explorers have put together a short winter course at Finse for you who want to learn more about winter outdoor life.

    We will cover all topics crucial for safe travel in polar regions. Teaching takes place in a combination of indoor lectures and outdoors practical work. We will cover navigation, planning, avalanches, first aid, training, tent life, nutrition and more.

    The purpose of the course is to give individuals tools and experience to plan and carry out their own trips in a safe and responsible manner and prepare individuals for participation in a polar expedition such as crossing Greenland.

    Why Finse?

    It is a gem in the world of polar exploring. Logistically it is easy to travel too and it’s remoteness and guarantee of snow give the perfect outdoor classroom and training ground. The village is located at the highest point along the Bergen Railway, at 1.222 meters above sea level. It is only reachable by train, two hours east of Bergen and just over four hours west of Oslo.

  • Food and equipment

    Joining a trip to the cold world, being outdoors for many days in a row, sleeping in a tent, skiing for about 8 hours on an average a day, still being able to keep up the pace, spirit, motivation, strength and also being able to enjoy it, obviously requires some attention to equipment.

    Once you sign up for one of our trips, we will send you the complete and detailed equipmentlist that explains thoroughly what you need for the specific trip, why and how to use the equipment.

    One of the main reasons we have had great success on our many trips, is because we supply the essential equipment that is not easy (nor practical) for you to get yourself. These items are essential in getting you through the day in a good way and ensure that you have a safe and trustworthy experience.

    The equipment you need to get yourself might look like a lot, but this is usually items people will already have or could borrow from friends. You might have to buy some of it, but we will help you choosing the right equipment and all this will be discussed in detail with each and one of you. Then you should have a good set of usable equipment that you will be able to enjoy for many future trips as well.


    The weight of the sled will depend on which trip you are going on as fuel and food adds up for each day with about 1,3 kilos. Some trips also require special equipment like climbing gear, polar bear protection, waterproof bags, etc. Sometimes we have to carry our stuff in backpacks to reach the glacier or good skiing ground, but we do not load to more than max 30 kilos, it is better to go two times.

    On an average we can say that a sled weigh as follows:

    • North Pole Last Degree 40 kg
    • North Pole Full Length (with/without supplies) 75 kg /110 kilos
    • South Pole Last Degree 40 kg
    • Patagonia, Northern Icecap, 50 kg
    • Greenland Spring 52 kg
    • Greenland Fall 55 kg
    • Svalbard – Nordaustlandet 40 kg
    • Svalbard – Spisbergen crossing 40 kg
    • Hardangervidda 25 Kg
    • Finnmarksvidda 25 kg
    • South Georgia 35 kg

    To best prepare for pulling the sled and carrying in backpacks, refer to the training and preparations info. This topic will also be covered more into detail once you have signed up. If you are curious and want some more info either way, let us know.


    We provide nutritious expedition food for each participant for all the days skiing. It will be enough calories for the trip, but if you feel like having some extra snacks, please feel free to bring it.

    There will always be personal choices. We provide several types of freeze-dried dinners, and lunch with a mix of what you like best. Our selection of food to choose from is based on long experience where energy, taste and also preparation are key factors. We have limited time for breaks during the day, about 12-15 minutes at normally every 1,5 hours intervals.

    Our normal day-to-day diet:

    Børge’s homemade enriched oatmeal/porridge mix.

    Choice of: Fruit soup or energy drink for hot water. Compressed biscuits rations and/or Flapjack (oatmeal cakes).

    And/or potatochips, nuts and dried fruit.100-150 g chocolate per day. About 100 g piece of dried meat.

    Choise of freeze dried dinners. Our partner for dinner is Real Turmat Instant soup, hot chocolate, coffee or tea as you wish.

    All the food will be packed by you in daily rations and stored in bags provided by us prior to departure. There is always a day or so with packing and organizing before we start the trip. You will carry your own food and be responsible for it during the expedition.

    Food- allergies or intolerances:

    If you have any food- intolerances or allergies, we will together with you (and possibly with your doctor) advice the different ingredients you need to ensure the best nutrition but which is adapted to the diet you follow. You should test this beforehand to avoid any unpleasant surprises on the way.

    If you need to be on a special diet, we recommend that you yourself prepare most of your food at home before we leave, so that you are sure to get what you need. It will in most cases be a possibility to ship the food to the destination beforehand together with the rest of the equipment.

    Please let us know if you have special needs or concerns regarding food or nutrition, we will do our best to help.




  • Day by day

    DAY 1 – Meet at Finse (Thursday)

    • Travel to Finse
    • Review of course
    • Equipment check


    NB! Attendance at Finse train station by 20:00 on Thursday.

    This fits with the train departing from Bergen at 15:57 or the train departing from Oslo 15:43. The first night we spend the night at Hotel Finse 1222, Steinboligen, or apartments.

    When check-in is completed, the course plan is reviewed.

    DAY 2 – Living in an arctic environment

    • Clothing – correct use of layers, different types of materials, hands and face protection, footwear, temperature control, boots and bindings, skis, skins.
    • Equipment – Tents, pulks, harness, weight distribution, bags, and cover.
    • How to “stormproof” your camp - Orientation of camps, erecting and protecting camps in extreme conditions, making a practical working space, toilets, efficiency, etiquette, sleeping, insulation.
    • Cooking - Safety for cooking inside a tent, carbon monoxide management, stoves, managing moisture.
    • Food, water, and nutrition

    DAY 3 – Traveling in an arctic environment

    •  Navigation - Route planning, navigational theory, GPSs, compass use, natural navigation resources, white outs, working together.
    • Use of map and compass
    • Use of GPS and other electronic tools.
    • Location determination and map reference.
    • Tools in the arctic. Electronics, etc.

    DAY 4 – Surviving in an arctic environment

    •     Health and Hygiene - Staying healthy, basic first aid, preventing and dealing with a cold injury, medical kits, pain management, remote medical advice.
    •     Medications
    •     Risks, Emergencies, and Evacuation
    •     Communications, Power, and Electronics
    •     Avalanche assessment
  • Expedition details

    Location: Finse, Norway

    Duration: 4 days Thursday – Sunday.

    When: 19th to 22nd March, and/or 26th to 29th March

    Accommodation: One night in a hotel/apartment. Two nights in tents.

    Fitness level: Good. We do not require any skill level for this course other than that you must have a basic skiing technique and normal good physical shape.

  • Training and preparing


  • Rates, dates and booking

    Price is 6900 NOK/person


    Accommodation in Finse (1 night, location depending on availability - Hotel, apartment, Steinbolingen house)


    Equipment not specified on the kit list


    Travel to and from Finse

    Boots and skis (ski hire will  be possible in Finse, please ask)

    Clothing and sleeping gear

    Personal Insurance

    Dinner and/or alcohol in the hotel.

    Booking - How to proceed

    1. If this is something for you, - send us the booking for your desired trip and your place is reserved. This will be kept for you until you have paid the deposit invoice. Then your place is guaranteed until the remaining amount is due.
    2. You will then receive our expedition-booklet that gives you more information about the trip, insurance, safety, personal training tips towards the trip, as well as info on the training (for more info, refer to the training and preparations menu)
    3. We will also supply you with the complete equipmentlist and work with you to ensure that you know what is needed and included from both your- and our side.
    4. Personal/medical information-form. By signing up on a trip, we need you to fill in a form for our records regarding health issues, your recent outdoor experiences- and background, passport if outside Norway- and insurance info as well as next-of-kin details.
    5. The invoice for the remaining amount will be sent to you about 3 months prior to departure (for some destinations the due-dates might be more than 90 days prior to departure. After full payment has been settled, you are on your way !
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Quick facts

Date: 19.03.2020
Duration: 26 to 29 March 2nd option---- Always 4 days - Thursday to Sunday
Price: 6.900 NOK
Sheduled for: 2020, 2021, 2022
Participants: Maximum 8 person
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