Ups and Downs

Published 25.05 in category Greenland Adventure 2014
The Greenland Adventure team had one day tent bound because of heavy rain and bad snow conditions. Yesterday they where on the move again. Dogs are working hard and so are the mushers.
May 25
Hi, this is Astrid, we had a late start yesterday. Weather was good trough out the day, but the snow was a bit wet and gave us some good work. Anyways, thats not a problem when the dogs are as strong as these. They are super strong and are really pulling hard when we go uphill. In the steepest parts we push the sleds now and then.
Yesterday the terrain was in variation the whole day, lots of ups and downs. We where ready for camp when we stopped last night, settled on a big Island in a high point. Almost a kind of a pas. We started the dinner outside, but as the nigh came falling the wind picked up and forced us inside the tent. We are truly happy to be here, everybody is having great fun!
I just wake up, to a warm and cozy tent. The sun is shining at the tent wall and we´ll be ready to go on in a bit. Today we will continue to the icefall, or main goal on the trip.
All the best to everybody!

– Astrid and the Team

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    Marit  /  May 27, 2014

    Hei Astisen! Ser dere har det fint, tøffa!!:)
    Var hos bestemor i dag, og skulle sende deg en klem! Hun er med det samme! Trøtt, men kjenner oss igjen hver gang!:) Klem fra oss !!

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