100% Success!

Published 04.06 in category Greenland Spring 2019 with Rune Krogh

Coming in to camp around 05.00 in the evening to have a last dinner and to melt more water for the night and after 2 hours sleep we were ready,

Around 12 a clock in the night we started preparing for the last run.

Started skiing 0200 at night, and we pushed over the crevasses and made our way down safely. We made it down to Isortoq around 10 oclock in the night the day after, so we where on the track for 20 more hours after 2 hours sleep from the last run😂! All good!🤓

The team is now safe and sound in Isortoq😊👍 and we will head out with the locals to hunt some seals between the icebergs😂

If you have a dream crossing this land, do not hesitate to contact us😊

Rune out!

The white walkers!
Here we are, this is us about to step out of the Ice, a moment to be remembered forever 🙂

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