Skis on, we have started towards the Pole

Published 14.04 in category Last Degree Expedition 2006

Hello this is Svante calling. After spending the night on the base, we drifted even further south and took the decision to start directly from the base this morning, which was just 9 kilometres from the 89 degree. This turned out to the right decision, since it has been whiteout conditions the whole day, difficult to see, and not possible for the helicopters to fly.

We had very comfortable temperatures today, only between minus 5-10C. It has been an exiting day with lots of crossings of small leads and open water. Almost every hour we encountered open leads, but we always managed to find a way around them. We have done 10 kilometres today, but drift south with a speed of 400 metres an hour due to northerly winds. Sprits are high, all participants are doing great and there have been no accidents of any kind.
Speak to you tomorrow, all the best from Svante.

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