A 33-kilometre march, despite white-out

Published 17.03 in category Vatnajökull 2010

A 33-kilometre march, despite white-out

We have called it a day and have pitched our camp on Vatnajökull. The day before yesterday we were at 1800 metres altitude; we have now descended to about 1300 m and are approaching the western side of this huge glacier.

All is well! Today we have been cruising along at a rate of 4–5 km pr hour. That’s great considering that we have suffered a complete “white-out”. The term means that everything is completely white – we see neither the horizon nor anything else worth mentioning in front of us, nor in any other direction for that matter. Under such conditions it can extremely difficult and very exhausting to navigate, but we are managing surprisingly well. Fortunately, there has been a constant wind. Our solution has been to tie ribbons to our ski poles and use these as directional guides, carefully skiing at the same angle relative to the wind. This is one of the tricks I have learned through a long life of expeditions in the Arctic and Antarctica.

We are likely to come off the glacier tomorrow. Tomorrow, incidentally, there is supposed to be better weather, and … (rest of report inaudible)

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