Through Raftsundet to Sortland – and far beyond!

Published 06.07 in category Northern Passage - 2010

TromsøLatest: We did it! We reached Tromsø this evening. That’s quite a haul from Svolvær.

Positional update 03.15: We’re at Raftsundet, the main sea thoroughfare between the Lofoten Islands and Vesterålen. The famous Trollfjord branches off Raftsundet. More soon.

Update 07.15: Yesterday we stayed most of the day in Svolvær, taking care of various practical matters and waiting for the wind to change directions. Svolvær is the largest population centre in Lofoten. The meteorologists were right – the wind changed as expected yesterday evening. We set out and sailed all night, taking advantage of the 8-10 meter/second following wind. After sailing through Rafsundet we reached Sortland at 07.15.

Update 18.50: The wind is really with us today. We have already passed Finnsnes. At this rate we may well reach Tromsø tonight!

Positional update 22.40: Tromsø is now “just around the corner”. (zoom out) That’s roughly 160 nautical miles covered since we left Svolvær last night. Needless to say we’re satisfied with our progress.

Thorleif at the helm

Full sail.Believe it or not, it’s 1 am. Call it “midnight overcast”, if you wish – the midnight sun is behind the cloud cover.

Hurtigruten og AndøyaPassing Hurtigruten’s coastal steamer by Andøya.

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