Grin and bear it!

Published 19.04 in category North Pole 2007

Today we faced poor weather conditions, forcing us to “grin and bear it”. It’s been a real fight. The wind gradually increased from a strong breeze this morning to a light easterly gale. Since temperatures were relatively mild (5–10˚C), and the wind was coming from the side, it wasn’t much of a practical problem. The westward ice drift hasn’t stolen any of our progress. We’re very satisfied after having walked 18 km today. Our camp is now just 24 km from the North Pole!

If all goes well, we shall reach our goal within a couple of days. The weather forecast is excellent. Our meteorologist expects the winds to lessen, giving us great condition for the final leg of our expedition.

We had to cross three or four open leads today. It’s not unusual for the ice to open up in the face of such strong winds and currents. Each hour we have been drifting approximately a thousand metres westward. That’s an immense force exerted on the ice. Fortunately, none of the leads posed a problem.

After a hard day’s work, we’re all relieved to be able to rest in a nice, warm tent. I don’t think anyone is having problems sleeping. All is well. This is a strong group and no one is voicing any complaints. Such an expedition does take its toll on the body, but everyone is in great physical shape and handling the challenges really well. That is good promise for the final 24 kilometres. Good night.

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