25 km in beautiful weather

Published 24.08 in category Newtontoppen 2016

25 km in beautiful weather. Well deserved!

The wind 3/4 in the back, the wind making the snow dancing on the surface, the sun shinning on this fairy dust… Can it get any better? And going downhill!

The four of us deeply enjoyed this pure day of magic, we forgot about the white out and focused on the beauty of this day. Towards the end of the day, Bjørn had to do some repair on the binding of one of his skis. Since we covered 25 km, we called it a day a set camp.

We are getting close to Templefjord, 2 more days and we should be on the beach where we started 10 days ago.

All right, it’s time to share some cheese and “skole” a good Calva…!

Cheers, Vince, Bjørn, Erlig and Lars

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