28 below and no wind!

Published 25.04 in category North West passage 2018

Woke up to sunny weather, it was 28 below and no wind! People were going out to the toilet in just t-shirts, that just explain that the wind is our real enemy. During the day the wind came back again, but in our back so we did just fine, and we managed 22 km today.

All good in the arctic!

Rune & Team

Some words from Johanne:

“This morning the sun was shining and there was no wind. A beautiful day! We are counting down the days before we reach Gjoa Haven.

We are finally on land again and there are a lot of ptarmigans here. They seem very curious and will come very close, ..only until Bear chases them away !

We also spotted several herds of musk ox. The biggest was around 40 animals. Around lunch time the clouds and the wind came. We finished a little earlier today and are now enjoying the extra time.

All the best Johanne”


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