28,3 km today! Rocking it !

Published 25.04 in category North West passage 2019

Word of the day, May Kristin: “er det geit eg begynne å lokta eller?” For other language use google translator, he, he, he 🙂

We did 28,3 km today! Rocking it after 8 hours! Sun and some wind today!
We are close to land now, just a few km left! We have 79 Km left for G – town ( Gjoa Haven).

We are hungry by now, at least I am, maybe the most hungry one and May Kristin, eating like real men! Everyone is strong, Justine is getting stronger day by day! Marit is doing super good, helping everyone around if they need anything, Erland do not have call on his stuff but he is super strong and a good leader in front for navigation. Tanel is strong as in the beginning – looking good for Southpole

Jæ,jæ, jæ, that’s for today! Not many minutes before I will hear snoring all around me since it past 8 pm already!

Cheriiiooooo, the Northwest passage brainless team

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