28th May, Another good day on the ice!

Published 29.05 in category Greenland Spring 2019 with Rune Krogh

We pushed to the usual distance of 26,5km😂 closing in to the east coast now, the team is talking about shower and beers 🍻…

The days are flying on the icecap, and we feel we’re lucky about the good weather that we are having😊, no problems so far on the trip, and that’s pretty good!

Right now Anja is alone in her own tent, and Mari and Thomas in one tent. Me, Hilo and David in one! David is reading a book, Hilo is eating chips and all he can find in his bags😂 we got a boom blaster with music on while we melt snow in the outer tent😊

All good as usual, the team is safe and sound in their tents!

Rune & The white walkers😊 sent from: Lat 66.0950, Long -41.4102

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