30 km in one go

Published 26.05 in category Greenland Spring 2013

Another lovely day – perfect!  Still a bit of ”sastrugi” (snowdrift) and cold, but good going for the team who seems to be in their best shape ever!

They increased the daily leg to 9 hours, and did 30 k in great weather. It’s a bit of loose snow up here, but a sole of solid snow under so its only the first person who have to struggle a bit, thus they change going in the front. As the team get more efficient it doesn’t take long time to pack down and set up the camp, so even if they have increased the day, they do not loose any camp or rest time.

From here it’s a long downhill slope to the east coast. Bengt say spirits is high, and that they are a great team.

Last position:

Lat+66.291266 Lon-043.537033 Alt +8097 ft (10s ago) 25-May-2013 22:14:04 UTC http://map.iridium.com/m?lat=66.291266&lon=-043.537033

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