31´th of July: Another hard day!

Published 02.08 in category Nordaustlandet 2013
Finally in the camp after a hard day (Red: can clearly hear the wind hitting the tent). The entrance to the glacier is quite different from last year.
On this place we had to carry only 400 meters last year. Today we had to carry the gear 2km! Luckily the weather was really good on the part where we was carrying our loads. When we reached the ice the weather turned and the visibility turned in to nothing. So we were back to our compass. We are on the wester ice field on Nordaustlandet, “Vestfonna”. We are a couple of kilometers behind last years camp, but are well up on the glacier, 600 meters above sea level .


We have all of us done a great job today. It has been hard, but we are in a good mood. We just had dinner and will soon find the way into our sleeping bags. We expect to use three days from this camp and out to the sea. So it is not unlikely that we will be on the beach the 3´rd of August.  Time will show, it is crevasses and melting rivers that have to be crossed, and things happen like today. Anyways we are having a good time, we haven’t had accidents or big problems so far, and will use the time that it takes to get down.


Regards, Børge and the Team!


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