36 hours and 90 Km

Published 05.06 in category Greenland Spring 2018

You haven’t heard from us for a few days…

We had an unexpected journey which started Saturday morning at 8am and ended Sunday 7pm at the open edge of the water of the North Atlantic Ocean…

36 hours and 90 Km clocked with the mission to travel in the weather window we were promised. We knew we could do it and felt we had to do it.. And we did. It was a remarkable journey which marks the determination, confidence and competence of team HurriKaren & The Storm riders, X 1.5

At the end of the ice cap and with solid team work we descended on to the sea ice, and skied 2 Km to a small boat waiting to transport us to Isortoq. We are here now in this small traditional Greenlandic village with sled dogs as the predominant residence.

We wait for transport onward but in the meantime enjoy meals together, local music, food from the shop (out of Coca-Cola :)) and wait for departure home to share our tales of this memorable journey.

So, if you find yourself listening to the stories from one of the team, just remember that they’ve been through a journey of discovery, challenge, laughter and more chocolate than Willy Wonka’s factory ! And be patient, because behind their gleaming eyes, suntanned face and funny smell is someone who has skied 580 km crossing a continent of ice, wind, adverse weather and remarkable skies. Feed them, let them shower and know they are the same person in a different way 🙂

Team HurriKaren & The Storm riders, X 1.5, reporting from Isortoq, Eastern Greenland.


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