Last day on the ice

Published 21.04 in category North Pole Last Degree 2013

Another nice day with fantastic weather.

The two remaining of this years team headed back to Barneo last night after another beautiful day with sunshine and almost no wind.

This late in April, you can feel the rays from the sun, and even if it is more than 20 below, a sheltered spot in the pack ice can be warm and cosy. Days like these are great, skiing at your own phase with no specific goal, picturing in your head that you are walking at the top of the globe with more than 4000 metres deep water under your heels.

The plan was to catch the evening flight back to Longyear, where the rest of the team was waiting. We haven’t heard from them yet this morning, presuming that they all had great party last night. Eivind sent some of his shots from the trip, which we post here today.


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