Day 60 – 570 Km to go

Published 12.01 in category South Pole-Runners to the Pole

Day 60:

We are having a well deserved rest-day here at Thiels Corner. Eating and sleeping as much as possible. We are, of course, excited about the next 14-16 days. In total we have skied (in a straight line/i luftlinje) 1466kms and there is 570 kms. to go. A little over 5 degrees, a little more than 1/4 of the total distance.This means that we have to ski over 40kms a day for 14 days no matter what.

It will be tough and mentally challenging, but nevertheless IT IS POSSIBLE !

I hope that everyone will keep their fingers crossed, and that we will have the strength and fortune to stand at Hercules Inlet with our arms raised before the 28 of January. This is the absolute last chance for pick-up, by the Twin Otter-plane.

Please keep sharing on Facebook everyone, and looking forward to see you all in the start of February.

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