6, Summit day !

Published 18.06 in category Kilimanjaro June 2019

After a few hours of rest/some sleep at Kosovo Camp (High Camp), we got up at 23:00 in the evening – ready to start on the summit push. Some porridge, cookies and popcorn, as well as coffee and tea before we get on all our gear and at 24:00 we are ready to start!

We start “pole pole”, which means slowly, slowly. After some time our local guides started singing to cheer us up the steep hills. We walked under the beautiful full moon and did not need many headlamps (thanks LArs – great planning!).

We walked the whole night, it was cold, but we were focused. Some of us really got to feel the altitude this night, and we felt the struggle. When we finally reached Stella point it was still dark, we forced ourselves onward – towards the Uhuru Peak, still in front of us.

When we all reached the top together, the sun rose as the moon went down. It was truly beautiful! We smiled, cried and hugged. It felt great to reach our goal together.

Now we are relaxing with some popcorn and coffee at Mweka Camp after a loooong hike down from the roof of Africa. We are really tired and super happy. Thanks everyone for contributing to the group.

Greetings happy feet!

Message sent from the top of Africa: Lat -3.07644 Lon 37.354074

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