Happy skiers

Published 20.04 in category North Pole Last Degree 2013
Bryony @ the North PoleAll well from the ice. Bengt and Bryony are happily skiing along. They were rewarded with a beautiful day yesterday with no wind, sun and around minus 20.

Temperatures rises quickly towards the end of April, and the two will be on one of the last planes out of Barneo Ice station this season, which closes on the 22nd of April. Recent years the base has been closing earlier and earlier, due to the rise of temperature, thus the ice conditions gets too unstable – in other words; the season is short and hectic.

As already mentioned, we measure snow deptht and ice thickness along the route. Also this year this is part of the daily do’s on the way towards the North Pole, and while on the ice. This is something we do for the Norwegian Polar Institute, as a part of their climate change research programme in the Arctic. They have also set adrift a 20 kg satelite buoy which will conduct measurements to help the scientist understanding more of whats happening in the Arctic.13northpolebengt

These two photos Bengt sent yesterday, and we are eager to see more! It will be come… stay with us.



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