On the way to the plateau

Published 26.08 in category Greenland Fall 2013

Juan has cykeled in cirkles around us today. Stopping now and then to do tunings like airpreshure before he has been on the bike for a new circle.

Day started as usual, with a godcup of cofee and a great breakfast. We were on our skies right away. All exept fron Juan that biked troughout the whole day. We haveused the day to get into rythem. We are walking for 50 minutes, and then we take a 10 minutes brake an some snack. In the midle of the day we tok alonger brake. all in all we did 8 legs. The camp are at 1400 meters above sealevel, and we did 22kilometres from last camp. Right now we have a hard wind from the North, but it is still clear.

Latest position:
Lat+65.941533 Lon-039.466083 Alt +4593 ft (9s ago) 25-Aug-2013 21:59:34 UTC http://map.iridium.com/m?lat=65.941533&lon=-039.466083
Writing blog Bike on ice
Juan on his Bike                                                                                                 Bengt writing blog in the tent

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