Almost at the plateau

Published 08.11 in category Patagonia Southern Icecap Crossing 2013


It’s strange to be on a trip for a week and still see the place we entered the glacier in the background. But today has been a good day. Terrain towards the ramp was in between large crevasses spread out in a gentle patter and we were able to zig zag in between without problems. The glacier has changed a lot since I was here 10 years ago and the ramp we successfully ascended back in 2003 was simply just a mess of huge ice blocks. Not nice at all. So we skied up a side valley instead, to access a ridge that runs parallel to the ramp. We have now hauled one load on equipment to 1000 metres high, and it looks good ahead! A few more crevasses, but in the back the plateau is streching out ahead. So finally we get paid for all the hard work and we look forward to start with the plateau.Regards, Borge. 

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