Life on the ice

Published 23.12 in category South Pole Last Degree 2013
After four days without signs of life I could finally send a message this evening. All very well!

Local transport


Yesterday was the first day of the expedition itself. The day started by plane, in one which anybody over 30 years should be very familiar with, the Twin Otter. This polar variant was wearing skis instead of wheels. Marvelous flight to 89 degrees, and then three hours of skiing. Number of kilometers is still somewhat uncertain.
Twin Otter 2

Twin Otter on skis

Today it was a significant long day of skiing. Seven sessions, seven hours and over sixteen kilometers in the end. Brilliant sunny and minus twenty degrees, fine conditions here. The snow was dragging, a lot of traction and hard to slid on it. But we are all fresh, in very good spirits and without signs of altitude sickness.

Lucky explorer

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