An extra day at the South Pole

Published 30.12 in category South Pole Last Degree 2013

Dinner in our tent !!!


In some ways a South Pole trip might resemble a usual package holiday or a flight home from the U.S. but then it is different in that not always you arrive home exactly according to plan.
That’s what happened yesterday, when the weather did not allow us to depart. Minus twenty and windy is common here, but the fog made ​​it safer for the airplanes to stay on the ground, or on the ice, strictly speaking…
Today was thus a bonus day in this place where the wind always blows North, no matter where it comes from….
But no complains… The day has mostly been spent in ALE large warmed up tent with good food and cakes and chatting and storytelling. There are seven of us waiting for departure towards  Union Glacier now, and it seems like all the others have done the “seven summits ” and the full-scale North Pole and South Pole … at the least! There are  many good stories with such a crowd, everyone had a lot to tell and the day has passed quickly.
Next departure to Union Glacier is scheduled for 19:00 Norwegian time, and we hope our transfer to Puntarenas goes quickly as well.

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