9 hours

Published 04.09 in category Greenland Fall 2014

We added another hour of walking today, which means less sleep. It takes a couple of stints before you wake up on days like today. Temp was cold and with a wind from the North, hoods and facemask covered up made a small little world for ourselves.

The snow has packed down quite a bit, we still do turns of 30 minutes in front, with a break every hour.  It is not as hard going as before. The speed is still slow, but we managed 22k’s in total and we are happy with that.

Sun has been shining from a clear sky the whole day. At one point it was really warm. The coldest legs were in the start, probably down to minus 20 or even colder.
Bengt and the Team J

Lat66deg17’29” Lon-42deg16’48” Alt +2259






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