Towards Karasjok

Published 17.02 in category Finnmarksvidda 2014

Report by Bengt Rotmo, yesterday 16th February, at 21:50.

Last night in the tent. Yesterday was quite windy, but weather was warm. Aprox 5 minus.Finnmark2

We lay on the crossroads to Jergul. In the evening we even got company from a solo traveller that very kindly asked us if she could put her tent close to ours. We also met a couple of dog mushers training for the Finnmark dog race that will take place in a a few weeks.

We started at 8 o’clock this morning, skied over the mountains and down to Ravnastua. We said hi to the owner before we walked on for an hour. Aproz 16:00 it got dark and the tents got pitched while the last piece of daylight left us.

Tomorrow we head for Karasjok, and towards Sven Engholm’s place nearby.

Now: light snow and aprox zero  degrees.

Cheers !

Our position:

Lat69deg30’40” Lon25deg0’17” Alt +344 m (16s ago) 16-Feb-2014 20:39:58 UTC

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