Coming out of Templefjord

Published 03.08 in category Kajak Svalbard 2014


Report from Ingebjorg, 3rd August.

Our position:

N 78 26.360, E016 28.194

Today we paddled around 11 Km. It was quite heavy, with strong W winds facing headfirst, so we had wind, weather and waves on our faces.

We started kayaking at around 11:30am. It was a longer morning as the first day it takes longer to pack. We ate lunch ar 3pm, later than normal as it would have been a big struggle to get to shore and come back out again against the conditions.

We crossed under the Temple mountain, abeautiful one that gives name to the fjord we are in. Now the sun is shining, and although the wind is strong and it is getting colder we hope it is going to be a beautiful night.

We had to struggle a little to find water but it was just a short walk. Then dinner and get ready for the night.

Everything is fine, and everybody having a wonderful time !

Regards from the end of Templefjord, Svalbard !


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