A beautiful day to walk down

Published 03.11 in category Patagonia Northern Icecap Crossing 2013

Yesterday we did a lot of work to finally get down from the ice. We found  a very nice place for it and  it took us about 4 hours to descend.

Then we went over the mountains and we arrived  in the most beautiful place in the world for our campsite. High above we can see the ice and  the San Rafael glacier and we have a view over the lagoon as well.

Weather was absolutely beautiful yesterday,  and today it looks like it will be the same, a little overcast, no rain, just like paradise. We enjoy Patagonia, we enjoy being out of the ice and on firm ground again

I (Bengt) had a lot of different weather trips this year and this has  been a different one,  a beautiful  weather trip, which we are enjoying very much.

Now the backpacks are still heavy, but not that much so it will be a pleasure to carry  them!


a happy team


surrounded by the ice


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