A day to celebrate

Published 09.11 in category Patagonia Southern Icecap Crossing 2013
What a day! Started with the last load up the ridge where we left the depot yesterday and further onto the ice.With this route we bypassed the whole section called the ramp, with heavy crevasses and ice towers. Plateau stretched out in front of us as we said goodbye to the pacific and headed south east towards Cerro Torre and Argentine.

We skied 15 km and are now at 1536 metres, which is about the top of the plateau. It is a different world up here, colder, drifting snow with magic mountains all around us. In front of us the 4000 meter high volcano Lautaro, the highest mountain around here, is towering up in the middle of the icecap.

No more difficult crevasse fields to negotiate and a day to celebrate!

Our position:

Lat-48deg35’15” Lon-73deg33’46” Alt +1554 m (17m ago) 09-Nov-2013 00:01:34 UTC



Borge Ousland.





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