a fierce howl at 5 in the morning

Published 27.08 in category The Nansen route across Greenland in 2016

As has become tradition, we were awoken by a fierce howl at 5 in the morning from the other tent. Bengt is our stalwart alarm clock and also our expedition leader. In the three hours before we break camp, we heat the snow for our thermos and eat a hearty porridge. The time in between is spent differently. Steffen usually takes a trip to Bremen, where he checks and organize  as is proper in the life of a german. Evelyn does her morning gymnastics, I enjoy a snooze and Ursula keeps us all awake with her stories and laughter.
This morning looked bleak, as a change in the weather reduced the visibility to a mere 20 meters. Luckily, Odin’s grace had not left us, for when we put on our skis, the fog lifted enough to reveal a Nunatak and the way ahead.


Steffen and Ursula went to great lengths to explain that this mountain had not one, but two intrusions !(which is a common occurrence in these  parts, but we were all just as excited) After this we had our first real downhill trip. Its good sport with the two pulkas in hot pursuit.
Onwards! In total witheout. To navigate in such conditions can be tricky. Luckily Bengt and Evelyn used their experience and cunning abilities with an instrument known as the GPS to safely lead us through the nothingness.
Like this we went in a more or less straight line, till we at the end of the day encountered three birds migrating across the icecap, relaxingg on the ice. It’s hard to say who where more surprised. They sang a song and flew away. A nice end to a good day.

PS: Happy birthday to today’s (26.8.) birthday-kid. I send you a  big Greenland hug and wish you all the best. Ursula


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