A good day on the ice

Published 23.05 in category Greenland Spring 2014

Bill report from the Ice on 22 May.

Our position is N66 18.527, W-43 51.481. Elevation 2475 m, distance covered today 24.7 Km.

A  good day on the Ice. We woke up to light winds which increased as the day went by and we got closer to the summit. We are almost there now. These are katabatic winds coming from the East.

Everybody is doing well, enjoying the trip very much and we are working very well as a team. We are very excited due to the fact that we are getting close to the summit (it’s been quite a few days of uphill…) and then we will be heading down towards the East coast.

We are all doing this trip for different reasons, I am on it for basic health international, a foundation dedicated to taking medicines to remote parts of the world, and this definitely a remote place.

We send our best regards to all family and friends from all the team.

Bill : )


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