A new trip!

Published 16.09 in category The Nansen route across Greenland in 2016

We continue our walk down the valley.

Birds sing, hares in their winter coat sit motionless as rocks on the hillside, and the small trees and flowers grow in everywhere….

We went by a small creek, then suddenly Bengt did a water dance and out came a fish! Then we chased others down to the shallowest point where Bengt and me stood and caught us three small char for supper.

We also spotted two reindeer close to a fascinating viking ruin on top of a flat rock. Maybe a storage or hunting post.

A bit further down we made our camp in perfect surroundings and cooked the bootfished dinner on the campfire, where we stayed until late in the night.

A new trip!



Bengt Rotmo sent this message from Lat 64.209166 Lon -49.963846



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